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Writing is like anything else. To really get better, we have to push ourselves. We need to constantly reevaluate what feels comfortable…and then take it to the next step. This is the only way to get better, faster, leaner, and tighter. As I always say, it is a wonderful time to be a writer, but it is also a terrifying time to be a writer.

Discoverability is a nightmare when we are competing against everyone with a computer and access to Smashwords. This is why it is so critical to have an on-line platform. But, it is also vital that we learn to write better than the competition and faster. To do this we must train.

To Grow, Do More

When I was in high school, I was on the swim team, and, when we were training for speed, the coach would make us wear a full sweatsuit to swim…

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He forgets his pants, and I blog about it.

Okay, that was a great way to introduce myself. I am Steph *bows*. At your service. So there are a few thing you should know about me:
I love reading, more than anything.
Im addicted to Tumblr. But im on the good side of Tumblr, the one with all the Fandoms and fanart!
I am of course, in many fandoms myself! But you should be able to see that after ive posted a few times.
I live in Norfolk, the land of crap weather and farmers…GREAT!
I have another blog…
I also hate people, there are a few close friends I have, but appart from them,I hate everyone… And my school does not hep, My school is the place where they care more about how we look instead of our education. And its where people who are different get treated like shit, and bullied for acting/being different. Its also the place full of skanky sluts, hipsters and no-one like me. I had a best-friend at my school, but she left to go to another. We are still good friends, but I am now alone with only a few decent people at my school. None of them quiet like her, and I now have no one to talk to abut my reading obsession or anything like that… Which sucks. But it is late, and I shall be off to bed now! I hope I didn’t scare to many people off, and to those who stayed: ‘Thank you, bless you.’ (Moriarty, from Sherlock BBC… Get used to the quotes and references!) Good night my lovelies!